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WRX Consulting

WRX Consulting began with developing continuing education for health care professionals with a focus on clinical relevancy and evidence based teaching methods. Today, WRX continues to use evidence based methods of assessment and teaching for the professional learner with the added awareness of integrating emotional competency skills.  Whether you value knowledge as a product or tool, it will be better utilized working in tandem with effective emotional competency skills.

Dr. Wendy Gaudet

Dr. Gaudet has been developing continuing professional curriculum for over 20 years. She has written professionally on the topic and participated with various academic counsels in an effort to make professional learning a more transformational experience. Her education includes an undergraduate and master’s degree in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences and a doctorate in curriculum design and higher adult learning. Her doctoral research examined whether emotional intelligence as an ability could be improved with an educational intervention – which her research successfully demonstrated! In 2007, Dr. Gaudet received her emotional intelligence assessment certification and training from Dr. David Caruso from Yale University. She assesses and trains academics and professionals in the area of emotional competency using the EI SKILLS group Mayer-Salovey-Caruso ability model of emotional intelligence.

In addition to WRX Consulting, Dr. Gaudet lectures weekly to university students in the area of Patient Care and Pharmacology. What really lead to her growth and interest in emotional competency? As sad as it is to admit, it started with some bad attitude! During her third year as a pharmacy undergraduate student, Wendy wanted an elective that would be “easy and with minimal note taking”. She elected for a drama course and soon found herself among a very different culture – which she found compelling and not as she easy as she thought it would be! This drama class was the first among many Wendy would end up taking “secretly” throughout her academic career. While she never made it to the big screen, she has had some great experiences that continue to inform her thinking and methods of teaching. Her latest acting “gig” was in Shanghai, China, where she was in GoFAR for an AirCanada commercial. Learning method acting early in her academic career helped Wendy value the influences of emotion in herself and others . She attributes her passion for teaching emotional competency skills began in acting classes where she learned to manage her own fear of being overwhelmed by the emotions of others.

Dr. Gaudet has been married to the same man for 26 years and they have three engaging children ages 7-20! She values her personal relationships deeply and credits them for her constant pursuit of enhancing her own emotional competencies!

“Take nothing for granted. Think of your own experiences and use them truthfully” KS Stanislavsky

Dr. Gaudet embraces teaching socratically – creating and transferring knowledge within a framework of dialogue and application to one’s perspective and everyday life.  An awareness of emotional competencies naturally surfaces in her teaching to access the influences on the learner’s thinking.  Whether you attend her pharmacology lecture or her workshop on building emotional competency skills – you will leave feeling motivated to engage in a whole new way with the relational aspects of your personal and professional life.