Benefits of Emotional Competence/Knowledge building

High EI skills have been shown to Influence individual learning to participate better in teamwork & leadership roles. Awareness of improving emotional health in self has a positive influence on others in the workplace. WRX can desEIgn a workshop tailored to your corporate culture.

The workshop can improve ability to accurately:

  • identify emotional cues in your environment
  • use emotional cues to assist optimal thinking in yourself and on teams
  • understand emotional cues and predict outcomes
  • manage emotional situations in self and others


  • effective communication
  • fosters creative thinking and problem-solving
  • optimizes HR decision-making
  • decrease emotional stress to supports good health
  • enhances individual productivity
  • builds strong teams
  • improves stakeholder satisfaction/relationships


  • As a participant you can take a confidential online assessment called the MSCEIT to measure your EI and increase your awareness about your own emotional strengths and weakness and discover how your own way of processing emotional data may be influencing your decision-making.
  • Apply strategies that will leverage your strengths and build skill in how you interpret and navigate emotional data so that you can promote better thinking in yourself and others.

WRX and You, working together

We understand each organization is unique and requires a different approach to implementing their people development strategies.   We develop workshops that can offer organizations awareness and key strategies of EI development to programs of learning that support longer-term strategies necessary to foster a desired cultural change.

WRX offers:

  • Training, coaching and consulting  for each individual client circumstance.
  • Partnering in the delivery  by customizing EI development within existing internal frameworks to ensure successful integration.
  • Knowledge transfer. For clients who desire a sustainable and cost-effective way to support EI assessment and development  we can offer train-the-trainer programmes, and accredit key professionals within organisations, and license them to use the ability model  methods and tools.