Challenging relationships are going to happen.  Understanding why they happened and knowing how to improve your relationships requires increasing your awareness  of your own emotional competencies.

The ability to access the right emotion for the right situation can minimize miscommunication and poor productivity. Knowing how to effectively manage the emotions of  anxiety, fear and anger  is an ability termed emotional intelligence. To help you understand your EI, you take an online EI ability assessment. You then receive a consultation that identifies your strengths and weaknesses. Sessions to attend a workshop to develop individual training will help you to accurately perceive, use, understand and manage emotional signals in your environment.  The result is better relationships – both personally and professionally.

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WRX and You, working together

We understand each organization is unique and requires a different approach to implementing their people development strategies.   We develop workshops that can offer organizations awareness and key strategies of EI development to programs of learning that support longer-term strategies necessary to foster a desired cultural change.

WRX offers:

  1. Training, coaching and consulting  for each individual client circumstance.
  2. Partnering in the delivery  by customizing EI development within existing internal frameworks to ensure successful integration.
  3. Knowledge transfer. For clients who desire a sustainable and cost-effective way to support EI assessment and development  we can offer train-the-trainer programmes, and accredit key professionals within organisations, and license them to use the ability model  methods and tools.